• Aug 08, 2014
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Home Decor Inspiration: Gardenia

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The tranquil and calming look and feel of a gardenia flower can easily be transformed into a beautiful space. Use the contrast between the pearly white petals and the earthy green stem to create a room to relax in. A gardenia inspired room is an ideal theme for a bathroom, living room or bedroom.



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A bathroom is a place in your home to relax in. It is the one place to go to clean off, refresh and rejuvenate. It should be a refreshing room to walk into as well. The gardenia is the perfect floral inspiration for a room such as this. Base the room off the white petals and decorate with natural green hues to complete the look.

Living Room


The living room is a more formal space to host company or decorate with your most expensive decor. The gardenia is the right inspiration for a room like this. Take its airy, white color and pair it with earthy, eclectic accessories to bring a gardenia into your living room.



Your bedroom should be a place to getaway and relax. A room in which you begin and end your day should be refreshing and inspiring to spend time in. It should be a room that you are proud to call your own. The gardenia offers up the perfect inspiration for a large, fluffy, white bed and big green throw pillows.

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